Blame BLP for electricity costs

Barbadians blaming the island’s lone electricity company for expensive electricity bills have their Bs mixed up.

Ministry of Industry, Small Business and Rural Development, Denis Kellman, asserted today that instead of pointing fingers at the Barbados Light & Power Company Limited for the price they were paying for electricity, Barbadians were being affected by bad Barbados Labour Party policy.

He said allowing manufacturers to generate their own electricity had actually hurt Barbadian householders.

The St. Lucy MP made the statement in the House of Assembly during debate on a monetary supplementary to pay $15.7 million in diesel rebates to key sectors.

“I think it was a very bad policy of the Barbados Labour Party. When the Barbados Labour Party separated the manufacturers from the Barbados Light & Power it was a very bad policy and I want to accuse them today of being responsible for the high electricity bills that the consumers have to pay in this country,” he said.

“And the reason I am saying this is because they separated the most productive sector and the high use sector and took that sector away from the Light & Power that they escalated the cost to the consumers in this country.

“A more enlightened policy would have been to encourage more manufacturing in the country, allow them to remain with Light & Power and even if they wanted to subsidise them it would have been better. But when they allowed them (manufacturers) to get concessions and to operate at a lower cost to themselves what they did (was) they inflated the cost to consumers in this country today,” he stated.

Kellman said the result was that “the high electricity bills, the fuel charges, the energy charges and everything must be laid squarely at the feet of the Barbados Labour Party”.

“They are the ones who because of their policy increased the electricity bills to the consumers of Barbados because everybody knows that if you want efficiency you increase the usage. So instead of increasing the usage to the Light & Power they decreased the usage by separating the manufacturing sector off the Light & Power and causing the consumers to have to pay these high electricity bills,” he said. (SC)

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  1. rose June 11, 2013 at 7:49 am

    A lot of time is spent identifying blame…but what about solutions and acting on them. Its a second term and we stilll blaming. No wonder we are in this position.


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