An award to assist


Three students at the Coleridge and Parry School were yesterday presented with awards that will assist them during their school lives.

Two students, second former Talitha Jordan and third former Tiffany Bostic, were presented with the Carlotta Bowen Award, while a third form student, Ezekiel Ramsay was presented with a one-time award from the school as well.

Secretary to the principal, Kim Carrington, explained that the Bowen Award was presented to a student who was performing well academically, was active in the life of the school but who was financially challenged in some aspect that would affect his/her academic life.

She noted that Carlotta Bowen was the aunt of former student Mark St. John and took care of St. John and his three siblings following the passing of their mother. Upon Bowen’s passing, St. John set up the monetary award in her honour to be presented to a single student at every level of the school.

Carrington said last year the award was made to a single student, but this year they were able to make presentations to two more students at other levels, noting that the award would be presented to the pupils every year for the rest of their school lives.

The presentation of the Carlotta Bowen Award has been made for almost 10 years.

Ramsay’s award on the other hand, she explained, was made in recognition of the achievements of a student with some physical disability, and was a one-time award.

Ramsay has been challenged since primary school when he was diagnosed with a condition that caused him to miss considerable time from school. While at secondary school, he suffered an injury that has since caused him to also missed time from school.

Despite this challenge, he was among students awarded at the school’s speech day for his work in Integrated Science. (LB)

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