A time for everything

There is a time and place for everything — a saying that’s so true.

I went to a funeral the other day and the way some of the younger persons were dressed was truly appalling. Why would you leave home scantily dressed to go to a funeral just because you were instructed not to wear mourning colors? This behavior is totally ridiculous.

This is not the first and it will not be the last time you will hear anyone mention this sort of behavior being demonstrated at a funeral, as too many of the young people of today seem to have lost respect in God and our moral values.

Where have we as a society gone wrong that we have brought up a generation who has no respect for authority or values? Is technology to blame? Are we as parents so caught up in our everyday activities and are so blinded that our children are being led astray?

Never would I have been able to leave the house where I resided with my great grandmother so inappropriately dressed to go into the house of God. Never would I have been allowed to roam the streets late at night if she were alive.

We have given these children too much liberty to do as they please. We allow them to dictate what they will wear, where they will go and what they will do. Until they become adults, parents must be in control.

Some of us buy our children laptop computers, iPads and other gadgets to use and most of us are unaware of how to use them. How can we as parents track their activities when we do not know how to use them? How can we as parents sleep at night knowing our kids are somewhere on the streets and may be in danger? Some blame the way society has become on technology, but I am sorry, I blame parents. We allow our children to decide if they should go to Sunday school — and most of them don’t. Ask any member of churches around the island and you will see there is a decrease in children going to Sunday school.

We as parents need to instill discipline and respect for authority because if we don’t I fear what will happen to this little island we call home 20 years from now as these children are supposed to be the leaders of tomorrow.

We allow our children to see us in compromising positions. Some parents allow their children to date older men as they may need the assistance as times are hard.

It is time in Barbados we bring some of these parents in front of the law courts and show them the full weight of the law. Parenting is one the biggest responsibilities anyone will ever undertake and should not be taken lightly. We must bring up our children in the correct way so that when they become older they will not stray from what is right. Do have a wonderful week ahead!!! bigbeautifultony@hotmail.com

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