Manning coming back

PORT OF SPAIN — San Fernando East MP Patrick Manning is expected to return to Parliament in ten days.

The former prime minister, who was absent from Parliament for all of 2012, is nearing the end of the extended sick leave he took after he suffered a stroke at his San Fernando home on January 23 last year.

Manning went to Washington DC for six months of physiotherapy. He was granted three separate 90-day extensions by Speaker of the House of Representatives Wade Mark. Parliamentary sources say leave on the grounds of ill health will always be given to an elected MP.

Manning has been undergoing physiotherapy and he went to Cuba last month for his annual medical check-up where he was given a clean bill of health.

Contacted yesterday, a source close to Manning said the opposition MP is improving steadily. Asked if Manning will return to Parliament in ten days, the source said: “Let us wait and see.”

Manning is the longest-serving MP in T&T. (Guardian)

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