Lynch on the go

Listening with an attentive ear to the people.

An election date has yet to be announced, but the Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Michael South, Noel Lynch, is as busy as a bee.

He gathered his troops and took to the streets last Saturday, visiting areas such as Warner’s and Radcliffe Gardens in Brittons Hill, St. Michael.

Speaking to Barbados TODAY this evening via telephone while still on the campaign trail, he said the public had been responding well toward him.

The former Minister of Tourism, who previously represented the constituency for three terms, said one of the main complaints constituents had was the lack of representation from their current representative, Prime Minister Freundel Stuart.

He charged that the people were demanding and expecting more from Stuart as a representative because of his position but he has however “let the people down”.

“People do not see their MP, I know you hear this all the time but this man is particularly bad… People have had enough. The same type of neglect that the people of St. Philip South faced when he was their representative, St. Michael South is also facing. He is terribly indecisive as a PM and worse as an MP,” said Lynch. (KC)

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  1. Green Giant January 15, 2013 at 12:59 am

    Sadly these people will have to choose the best of two very bad representatives according to Mr. Lynch. He was rejected just five years ago and described by the majority of St. Michael south as a bad representative who looked after the few die hard followers of his. A very sad day for these people, since they are stuck between a rock and a hard place basically. LOL


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