Loyal to Dems

PM Stuart, (left) and DLP candidate for St George North, Senator Jeptor Ince, see something to smile about at the official opening of the constituncy branch office.

Make no mistake, Senator Jepter Ince is a “blueprint D”.

The ruling Democratic Labour Party’s candidate for St. George North made this clear on Friday night while addressing members of the party’s hierarchy, constituents and the party the faithful at the opening of his branch office in Market Hill.

“There is no question of my loyalty to the Democratic Labour Party. When we were in Opposition I was offered positions by the Barbados Labour Party, I could’ve run as a candidate and I refused because I was committed to a cause, I was committed to an institution, the philosophic grounding in the DLP, so the trappings of the Barbados Labour Party couldn’t move me.

“As I walked through St. George North and I reflect on the performance of the BLP and what I found interesting was that despite the talk about roads, houses and development, the social infrastructure of St. George North is lacking.

“[It] seems that the younger persons within this constituency need representation or a vision in carrying this constituency or Barbados forward. It is not a vision, the young men, we identified skills and how best we can address the issues and for the young women we are going down the same path… It is a vision of personal development and I want the young persons and residents of St. George North to be able to stand up at the end of the day and say this is what we have achieved with a representative that understands the social issues and that is why I have as a theme, working with you…,” Ince said.

In his address, the Parliamentary Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office also said that politics was all about commitment and discipline and had nothing to do with personal gratification.

“If you’re interested in helping people you are a pubic servant as a politician and [must] be committed to the cause of helping persons,” he asserted.

Ince also told the gathering that his interest in politics started at an early age in Drax Hall, and his “life was wrapped around politics and helping persons that are underprivileged with challenges”.

“I was never one driven by the trappings of a political office,” he said. “I was never driven by greed and personal achievements and persons asked me from time to time.”

After writing to the party’s executive and general councils about his interest in running, the selection of his candidacy took place in August 2011.

Ince thanked Colin Spencer, who contested the seat and lost against incumbent Gline Clarke in the 2008 election, for his support on his journey. (DS)

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