Eversley qualifies as political strategist

Eversley receiving his MPM from Carleton’s Registrar.

Veteran journalist and media executive, Reudon Eversley, has become the first Barbadian to earn a university qualification that formally certifies him as a political strategist. It seems this achievement may also be a first in the English-speaking Caribbean.

Eversley was among the first cohort of students who graduated recently from Carleton University in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, with a Master of Political Management degree. He did so with the distinction of gaining an “A” grade in every subject, including Political Campaigns and Prime Ministerial Leadership.

“Political management focuses on the practice of politics in real world situations. It differs from political science where the emphasis is more on theory and not so much on practice,” explained Eversley, currently Director of News and Current Affairs at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation.

He added: “Political management emerged from a recognition that a traditional political science degree does not impart all the necessary skills for a person to effectively perform key roles in government and the political process.”

Currently offered in Canada only at Carleton, the MPM degree is specifically designed to train persons to serve as strategists, pollsters, campaign managers, ministerial advisers, strategic communicators, aides to parliamentarians and other key support roles.

Eversley, who also holds a Master’s degree in Journalism from Carleton, has pursued a career that has included stints in journalism, public relations and political consulting in the Caribbean.

The Foundation old scholar began his career as a reporter at the Caribbean News Agency covering mostly politics. He subsequently moved into senior management as director of news and current affairs and later served as editor of the Barbados Advocate.

As a political consultant, Eversley has advised leaders, parties, governments and worked on a number of winning campaigns in the region.

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