Acknowledging achievements

Nicola Gilkes receives certificate.

Now in its third year, the Students’ Incentive Awards Scheme at Princess Margaret Secondary today for the first time saw students being awarded for excelling in seven subjects.

The scheme, started in 2010, rewards students for scoring 80 per cent and above in any subject and also for perfect and near perfect attendance, with the intention of creating a spirit of competition among the student body; encouraging students to give of their best; develop a thirst for excellence thus improving overall morale; improving attendance and punctuality and encouraging class attendance everyday.

It is also intended to use the house system to promote academic excellence in conjunction with sports with the hope of enhancing morale of the various houses.

Teacher, Captain Len Cummins, told the student body as awards were presented during general assembly this morning that in addition to those students who would have scored 80 per cent or more in three, four, five and six subjects, this year there were also students excelling in even more.

“For the first time since we started the programme, we have students who received seven subjects at 80 per cent and more,” Cummins declared to the student body as some of them screamed their approval.

The three who excelled in seven subjects included first former Nicola Gilkes and second formers Rhonesha Freeman and Marissa Goddard.

In congratulating all the students who received prizes, Acting Principal, Wayne Willock told them: “This type of scheme is a very functioning and motivational tool for students, especially those who might not have achieved within the realm of what we call prizes at speech day. I want to congratulate every single one of you that received a prize today…

“It is very important to acknowledge the achievements of students, not only academically in terms of performance, but in terms of attendance because there is a very direct link between your attendance and your performance.”

Willock said those who came late often would miss classes and therefore their performance would reflect such.

“We can also see the Incentive Scheme has motivated several students to be better. When you are gaining seven and eight subjects at over 80 per cent that is excellent work and what you need to do is to continue within that vein. You can focus in such a way that you can continue in that vein and that vein can take you straight to CXC, straight to university,” he told them.

In addition to the academics, several students received awards for perfect attendance, with two students also being recognised for only missing one day of school each.

Students who participated in last semester’s Independence Extravaganza, dance and calypso competitions were also rewarded for their contributions this morning. (LB)

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