Three laid to rest

Hundreds turned out today at the Western Light Church of the Nazarene to pay their last respect to three young people.

by Emmanuel Joseph

Three young members of a St. James family, who died tragically last month, were laid to rest this afternoon, following a solemn service at the Western Light Church of the Nazarene in Husbands, St. James.

Hundreds of relatives, friends and well wishers, including MP for the constituency of St. James South, Donville Inniss, packed the hall to show respect for 20-year-old Sherese Olivia Alleyne, 17-year-old Nikira Renee Harewood, and 15-month-old Keon Marlo Alleyne, who died in a road accident two days before Christmas.

Scores of people spilled over on the outside of the church as the various tributes were paid in song, poetry and the spiritual word. As two coffins – one bearing Sherese and her son – rested next to the altar, the grieving family sat nearby looking at them as though in deep reflection on the lives of their lost loved ones.

In one of the tributes, John Kellman described Sherese also known as “Baby Girl”, as being devoted to everything she did and one who was also very careful about her deportment and general manners.

Nikira, affectionately called “Dixie” was said to be the “bright spark” of the family and a “bubbly” person who was given to pranks.

Shaquille Worrell’s poem to the late Nikira Harewood.

Little Keon, Kellman noted, was the proverbial “Star of Bethlehem” of the home. He said Keon was especially cherished by granny Cheryl.

Gone Too Soon, the soul-stirring song written by the late pop icon Michael Jackson, brought tears to some eyes as it was “chillingly” delivered from the vocals of Mesha Snaggs.

The funeral ceremony was brought to a close with an inspiring sermon by Pastor David Babb, whose message to the mourning family was taken from St. John 14: 1-3, with its signature clause – “Let not your heart be troubled”.

He also advised the congregation to enjoy those who were with them now.

“It is time we come together. We must share our love and appreciate one another. We must share our flowers while we are alive, and don’t wait until they are gone, and buy the most expensive wreaths,” he admonished.

The church leader also called on the Government to take drastic action now, to stop the “foolishness” on the roads. He suggested the erection of speed bumps near roundabouts and pedestrian crossings in particular. Babb rejected any counter arguments that such bumps would cause traffic jams.

“I would rather slow down traffic or have traffic jams, than to buy a $60,000 car and have somebody or some ‘nincompoop’ come and kill me,” he declared.

As the pallbearers and family filed out of the church after the service, some were seen being comforted by friends and well wishers. The interment took place at the St. James Cemetery.

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  1. shareka February 9, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    i miss you all my cousins rip

  2. shareka February 9, 2013 at 12:50 pm

    we all miss them


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