Thinking big

MP for St. Lucy, Denis Kellman.

St. Lucy could very well hold the key to the efforts for Barbados to become a developed nation.

In fact, MP Denis Kellman made it clear that his plans for the parish do not stop only at an airport, but include ideas for a marina as well.

There were parts of the parish that held promise for the development of the country, Kellman told an audience at the launch of newest wind turbine powered project at the Chance Hall MTW Depot this morning.

Thanking the Ministry of Transport and Works for bringing the 10kW project to the parish, he noted: “Minister [John] Boyce knows that in order for Barbados to be a developed country that St. Lucy must be developed, because it is in St. Lucy that we have the available space that wherever Barbados needs anything, we have the space to provide it for them.

“If you are looking for a location for the next airport, and this is no joke – to the north of here not too far away, the Right Excellent Errol Walton Barrow in 1975 not only put it in a manifesto but he purchased the land and that land is designated for an airport,” he stated.

He added that looking at the Grantley Adams International Airport now and the demographics, it was clear that most of the persons who came in on private jets lived on the West Coast of the island and would have freer and easier access there from the north.

“It is only when it will happen,” he noted.

Utilise old quarry

He suggested too that there was also an opportunity to utilise an old quarry in the parish.

“When one looks at the Cement Plant and recognise that they have a very large quarry. When one looks at the innovation of our Barbadian people one would recognise that if the Panama Canal can be used the way it has been used, that quarry at the Cement Plant is not wasteland, but with innovation it can be used to be a marina,” he said.

Kellman congratulated Solaris Global Energy, contractors on the wind turbine project this morning, noting that their drive toward a successful project was pushing the St. Lucy and by extension Barbados closer to that goal of developed status. (LB)

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