Policemen on patrol

Police carry out an inspection on this vehicle.

Motorists along Two Mile Hill and the ABC Highway between Bussa and Norman Niles roundabouts today found themselves under the close inspection of police.

A number of vehicles were pulled off the road, as captured by a Barbados TODAY photographer, while the cops checked road tax and insurance.

Earlier this week, Sergeant in charge of the Traffic Division, Trevor Boyce told this newspaper that they would be launching a safer roads programme in about a month to crack down on accidents and make sure that motorists had everything in order.

The head traffic cop had noted at the time that there had been an increase in road deaths, with 25 fatal accidents resulting in 28 deaths last year, compared with 20 fatal accidents that claimed 22 lives in 2011.

“This year we will try to do a public awareness or public education programme to get the message across to the public on making our roads safer. So that is what we will focus on this year, hopefully starting next month,” he had said.

It was not immediately clear today whether that planned campaign had kicked into action earlier than planned, but one thing was certain – the police are checking up on road users. (LB)

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