Paying for air

Jamaica’s first coin-operated air pump in Manchester.

KINGSTON – To some it may have sounded like hot air, but it is now a reality. The first coin-operated air pump has been installed in Jamaica.

Two years ago, Trevor Heaven – former Jamaica Gasolene Retailers Association president and principal of Heaven’s Service Centre in Manchester – announced that pay-for-air pumps were the way of the future. Today, one is installed at his establishment.

“It was installed just before Christmas, in the second week of December; in fact, on December 8. It’s the first one in the island,” Heaven told Auto. “So far, persons have been warming up to it.”

The JGRA former head said for $30 a customer gets four minutes of air.

“You can purchase a token from the attendant, place in the slot and you’re good to go. It’s a simple operation,” he said.

Heaven declined to say how much the pump costs. But he opted to say others would be soon installed in Kingston, in Spanish Town and Portmore in St. Catherine, and in Montego Bay, St. James. (Observer)

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