No more neglect!

Candidate Peter Phillips wants the historic house restored.

A national disgrace!

This is how Barbados Labour Party candidate for St. Lucy, Peter Phillips, described the derelict state of the birthplace of the Father of Independence, the Right Excellent Errol Barrow.†Speaking with Barbados TODAY this afternoon via telephone he put all the blame at the feet of the present Member of Parliament for St. Lucy, Denis Kellman.

“The birthplace of the first Prime Minister of Barbados means a lot and is a treasure to the people of St. Lucy and Barbados… This is also a slap in their faces,” he said.

“A plaque was placed on the building in 1989 at a time when the DLP was in Government and they would have had a majority, yet that building was allowed to languish there and all the MP could have asked for was an airport.

“Here you have a party, but the MP must take full responsibility for this because if I were the MP and I had such a building or any kind of building that can be used as a tourism package because of the history that is something I would have to highlight. He says he is a Barrow Dem and if he is he should do something, he should be in the forefront in the move to have that building restored… There are almost 20 in Parliament and nothing has been done.

Trees growing out of the Barrow home.

“Now you can hear the Government talk about restoring the house Tom Clarke was born, while there is no disrespect, equally and even more so it must be done for the Father of Independence. It should be a showcase, look at Tyrol Cot. We are approaching our 50th year of Independence and we have to raise the awareness of the state of the building and something has to be done about it. We talk of heritage tourism and community tourism — this is an opportunity to bring people away from Bridgetown to discover the history in rural Barbados. This is not about Peter Phillips, or the BLP, it is about Barbados,” said Phillips.

Last Tuesday, the longest serving member of the St. Lucy Parish Independence committee, launched a petition for the restoration of the†house which is located in The Garden, in St. Lucy. He said that the response so far has been encouraging.

Further stating that because of its run-down state many people were seemingly unaware that it was the home where the National Hero was born and raised. Then they were even more disgusted that it was left in the present condition to continue to deteriorate while there was a proposed multi million dollar project to launch the Errol Barrow Museum at Pickering in St. Lucy.

Phillips said that if his call was not heeded by the DLP Administration, he intended to “contact whoever or whichever agency” he had to ensure that something was done to highlight an important part of Barbados’ national heritage. (KC)

2 Responses to No more neglect!

  1. sandra from st lucy January 13, 2013 at 5:06 pm

    How many persons live in the house. The barbados labour party for 14years could not do anything for the people of st. Lucy but to get votes you now wake up. It is high time you stop using the parish independence committee as a stepping stone to the house of assembly and do something from your heart.

  2. David from St. Lucy January 14, 2013 at 9:43 pm

    Clearly Sandra does not understand the characteristics that makes a good candidate. Peter did not use the PIC to be a candidate it was because of Peter’s involvement in the PIC and the church and among the youth as well as his other attributes that make him eligible to be a candidate. On the other hand we have Kellman whose only focus is moon town. Look at how Kellman and the DLP ignore this house. This speaks volumes.


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