Gov’t comes through

Senator Maxine McClean.

The critics may differ, but the current Administration has delivered on its housing promises to Barbadians.

Government’s lead spokesman in the Upper House of Parliament, Senator Maxine McClean, said the move to make it easier for National Housing Units to be transferred “free” to tenants living in them for at least 20 years was the latest example of this.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade was leading debate on the National Housing Corporation (Transfer of Terrace Units) Bill, 2013 this morning in the Senate.

“Within the context of this piece of legislation and the decisions which it is seeking to put in place legislatively we have provided average Barbadians, who traditionally had no hope of owning a property, … with the mechanism to do so,” she said.

“We have given a promise (and) we have kept it and I want to emphasise that this promise is one that falls within a wider set of promises in relation to housing and property for Barbadians.”

McClean said the achievements in housing were even more impressive if people considered that they were done in difficult economic times.

She also noted that other sectors, including education had not suffered, although Government was being prudent with its spending.

“For me as I stand here … this is about celebrating what we have done as a Government in the area of housing and we have delivered. We have delivered to lower income housing, to persons who are looking for housing at the lower end of the price scale… We have had solutions to middle class Barbadians and we continue to do that,” she stated.

“In my area where I live I am happy to say there is some ongoing work and that is the kind of thing that we have started and we will continue. We have everything to be proud of as a government.”

She said the transfer of units initiative was “path breaking”.

“This initiative has made men and women of a lot of Barbadians because many people feel that until they have a piece of the rock they have not fully self actualised,” the Democratic Labour Party representative stated. (SC)

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