Good men wanted

Barbados could always do with a “few good men”. And since January 2011, A Few Good Men – a gospel group – officially hit the local music scene to represent all the good men, who are doing good things across the island.

“We represent the good men out there. There are still some doing good things and we wanted to represent them,” declared lead singer and spokesman for AFGM, Reeco Butcher, when asked what inspired the name.

The three-member group, which is managed by Tracy Joseph, is based at the Church Village New Testament Church in St. Philip.

“We grew up together in the same neighbourhood, played in the same church band, so we share the same chemistry in forming the group,” added Reeco, the 2007 Richard Stoute Teen Talent Monarch.

He told High Note it was therefore easy for 22-year-old drummer Kyle KC Cole, 21-year-old Reemon Butcher, the rapper, and himself, 23, to establish the band.

Reeco disclosed that AFGM emerged from a development team on a programme designed to train young artists in the business aspect of music as well as to help them better hone their talents.

“It involved training artists in etiquette, vocal training, what to expect as an artist and things like that. Many artists were in the team,” noted the talented singer.

He said the original persons behind the programme were Tracy Joseph, who was accepted as manager of the group, Terry Armstrong and Marcia Kellman. The group has wasted little time getting down to serious business.

“Our first single was released in May 2011,” pointed out Reeco.

Reporting on the recording, Like You, an urban/pop/R&B offering, Reeco described the public response as awesome.

“We had radio stations in the US and UK asking for the song,” he boasted.

Another single will also be released soon. Declining to give away too much, Reeco indicated the release date would be during the first quarter of this year.

But Tracy Joseph, the band’s manager, had something to say about what the public could expect, outside of disclosing the release date.

“We will be embracing more Caribbean influences in the urban sound and the song will be about those dealing with insecurities and about learning to love yourself. We will be starting with a cool photo campaign from next week.”

Reeco added: “Our music is like a fusion of the Kurt Franklin/John Legend type. A smooth balance.”

A Few Good Men has been quite busy in recent times, being in high demand to perform at events from the small church concerts to the major shows.

“We have performed twice at Gospelfest. We also performed at the Shine Concert last weekend and will be performing at the Barbados Music Awards on Sunday. We performed at lots of other shows and concerts,” the gospel singer stated.

AFGM is also looking beyond Barbados this year.

“We have had offers to perform in the US – LA. We are also considering Canada,” said Reeco.

As he put it, music is the group’s passion and number one objective in life as a career. However, each of the three young men not only has educational disciplines to fall back on, as the degrees courses they are pursuing at the University of the West Indies, Cave Hill sampus, are perfect marriages that would stand them in good stead in their musical careers.

For example, the Butcher brothers are into their final semester at Cave Hill. Reemon is studying accounts and economics and Reeco, law. Kyle, who has another year to go, is pursuing banking and finance.

“My law degree would allow me to better understand contracts, Reemon is already handling the accounts for the band and Kyle with his business head would be great for the group,” asserted Reeco.

When it comes to the state of gospel music in Barbados at the moment, A Few Good Men has strong views.”

“We believe gospel music is evolving to cater more to the younger generation – to make music fun. As young Christians, we are showing that gospel music is fun and not boring. The industry is moving towards that,” the group lead singer said.

Reeco made it clear, that the trio was encouraged by commendations about their music from the local queen of gospel Sister Margreta Marshall, who said she loved what the group was presenting.

When it comes to local artists who inspire them, AFGM admire a lot of them, but Reeco singled out Hosia Hinds for his passion and the way he was pushing his own music around the world. Hosia, one of the nominees for the 2013 Barbados Music Awards’ Gospel Artist of the Year category, is a rap artiste, who has been touring the United States performing and promoting his music.†††

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