Flipping the script

Flip the script on your life and turn negative into positive.

Do you have things to do that feel overwhelming and you just don’t know where to begin? Here is one way to tackle these problems, turning each “negative” project into one filled with “positive” emotions.

Choose one project, “problem”, or insight to focus on and ponder all sides of the issue. Often, you will find parts that are distasteful. Perhaps it is a problem you wish would go away, maybe the project is too large and feels overwhelming.

Train yourself to look at all aspects until you find positive aspects in each. By developing this skill, you will quickly begin to see that there is value in all things.

Note the “pros” (positives) and “cons” (negatives) of the item you choose to focus on today. On one side of a sheet of paper, list all the “pros” or positive aspects. On the other side of the paper, list all the “cons” or negative aspects.

What is challenging is to appreciate and feel gratitude for the “negative” side of events. One by one, look at each of the items on your “cons” list. Consider how you can approach each in such a way that they can be placed on your “pro” list.

Perhaps this project entails a lot of hard, physical work. If this is on your “cons” list, revisit the idea and consider it a great exercise programme to strengthen your muscles. Now it can be moved to you “pros” list. You will find that many aspects on your “cons” side can easily be changed into a “pro” with a change of attitude.

Look closely at the “cons” to determine how many are excuses. Ask yourself why you are procrastinating. Is it because your life is overflowing with “busy-ness”? If so, it may be time to lessen your daily load. Are there things you can say “no” to, such as changing to a job that consumes less of your time and energy? Perhaps this is a chore or project that you really don’t need to do.

Are any of the excuses you are making fear-based? Perhaps it is the uncertainty of how to do the project, making wrong choices or it may move you out of your “comfort” zone. Again, with a change of attitude or by making a conscious decision, this event can become a wonderful exercise to help move you beyond your fear and open horizons to new belief codes.

When you get past the “negative” side of your chores and place them on your “cons” list, you will find that you look forward to your tasks or at least, that the drudgery and heaviness is no longer present. Allow yourself to feel a sense of adventure, even in mundane chores such as washing dishes and cleaning up after yourself.

How? Bring out your childlike nature and make games out of the chore. Play uplifting music and sing to your heart’s content.

In all things, work up an attitude of gratitude. For example, if washing dishes is hard work to you, change your attitude and send blessings to the people who made the dishes, grew the food you ate and be appreciative of the truck drivers who drove miles to bring the food to your plate.

* Dr. Adrian Daisley is Certified Life Coach, Master Counsellor and Business Consultant

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