Cops to sue over promotions

PORT OF SPAIN — Fourteen police officers who hold law degrees have sent pre-action protocol letters to acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams claiming the procedure of the promotion exams from sergeant to inspector is unfair.

The officers, who are being represented by Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal, are claiming the procedures, as it related to departmental order of 2007, was breached.

The order stated officers who are the holders of law degrees would be automatically awarded the full 35 marks for the English exams as they would be exempted from writing it.

This however, was not followed, it was stated. President of the Police Service Social and Welfare Association Sgt Anand Ramesar and its secretary Sgt Michael Seales, who both hold law degrees, were among those bypassed for promotion.

But they were then placed in acting positions which took effect from last December 20.

Seales said yesterday he had a discussion with Williams who assured the matter was being looked at.

He said because of the issue with the law degree, other officers, who have bachelor’s degrees in the other field, have also called for an exemption of the exam.

“There are even other officers who hold diplomas in social work and other qualifications and they are now asking how will their situation be addressed because they too want an exemption,” Seales added.

He expressed confidence that a suitable solution would be granted. (Guardian)

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