A plan for Christ Church West

Barbados Labour Party candidate for Christ Church West,

Dr. Maria Agard

has come up with a programme that should be a win-win situation for residents.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY, she said that given the diversity that exists in the constituency, she and her team had come up with a number of specific programmes and projects that would be beneficial to the sectors.

“There are a number of small businesses popping up in Christ Church West and many of them are nursing homes. We want to support and facilitate the development of business in the constituency. There is probably no constituency other than the City that has as many businesses as Christ Church West.

“It is really an emerging commercial constituency and nursing homes happen to be one of those things. There are a number of people who do have care, they are in care.

The other thing is that there are a number of senior citizens who are very talented, some of whom have very unique skills and there is no outlet for them to use these skills to maintain a sharpened cognitive disposition.

“I am hoping to have an inter-generational set of projects where we focus on the skills of the senior citizens and see if we can have a mentorship programme, where you might give a group of maybe two or three individuals to work with and let them share their skill, almost like an apprenticeship,” she said.

The objective is to develop the skills of the younger members of the constituency which in turn would reduce the unemployment level among that sect and earn them some money.

The candidate also spoke about a Young People Employment Programme, or what is referred to as the YPEP programme.

“What we were planning on doing is engaging communities in the district to help train or facilitate younger people. What we actually did was share this idea with the Ministry of Youth Affairs and they have embraced it and have actually implemented it in a small way and they are in their third piloted project of our ideas,” Agard added. (DS)

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