A call to all alumni


The Calvary Moravian Church will be the venue for a special service for past students of the Roebuck Boys’ School this Sunday at 9 a.m.

The school was started by the Moravian Church in 1835, the year following the establishment of the Calvary Moravian Church in the City. The Government eventually took over the maintenance and management of the school, but decided to close it because of traffic congestion on Roebuck Street.

The first chapel was used for the purpose of school but soon the congregation outgrew this chapel and it was eventually used exclusively as school room. This is the building that housed the school when it was closed in 1982.

In addition to the education of boys, including Sir Frank Worrell and George Lamming, the school also educated girls; as well as sportsmen like football coach Eric Alleyne and cricketer Ricardo Hoyte, in spite of the fact that it had no green areas to play sports.

There were four road tennis courts in the paved yard and often just as many table tennis boards on the lower floor of the school, as one teacher’s maxim to the students was, “No reason to be idle”.

Since its closure, alumni members noted they had lost track of a number of the old scholars as there was now no landmark of identification. Furthermore, since the old school building was burnt in December 2000, the remaining mark of association has been lost to those who treasured that site.

Against this background the old scholars have resolved to come together on Sunday, January 13, in an effort to renew old acquaintances with their school, bring together their colleagues for fellowship, honour stalwarts from their school staff, and launch their Alumni Association.

The call therefore goes out to all past scholars of the Roebuck Boys’ School to come together at Calvary on Sunday for this memorable occasion. The service will be led by and have full participation of past scholars, however, the charge to the Alumni Association will be given by host pastor, Reverend Roslyn Hamblin.

The service will be followed by a time of fellowship in the building reconstructed on the original footprint of the school and used as the church hall. This building was dedicated in 2004, named in honour of Headmaster George Maynard. (LB)

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