Teen girl gang-raped

PORT OF SPAIN — Sex crimes against women continued into 2013 as a 13-year-old schoolgirl became the latest reported rape victim after she was abducted by three men on Tuesday. The incident happened around 1:30 p.m. as the child left school and was looking for transport to return to her Oropouche home.

The girl, a Form Two student, told police she could not say how many men had raped her or even where she was taken because her abductors had put a bag over her head. Last year, 1,020 sexual offences were reported according to police statistics, the second highest figure over a five-year period. On New Year’s Day a 71-year-old Claxton Bay mother became the first victim for the new year.

On Tuesday, according to reports, the child got into a purple car at Knox Street, San Fernando, and asked to be taken to Library Corner. However, the driver passed her stop and as he drove down Harris Promenade, two other men entered the back seat from both sides of the car. They then put the bag over her head, held something to her neck and told her if she moved or made a sound, they would kill her.

The girl told police she was taken to an unknown location where some of her clothing was removed and she was raped. Police said after the child was dropped off, she walked home and later went to the Oropouche Police Post to make a report. No one has been arrested. WPC Roberts is investigating. (Guardian)

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