Reaching the next level

Chamara Hollingsworth

Businesses in Barbados need a boost to aid in the transition from fledgling companies to established forces in industry, locally and regionally.

And this is the focus of a new partnership between three companies, Astrape Finance, Expressions Management Consultancy and Serene Solutions, which are using education to stimulate the minds of entrepreneurs while boosting their ability to plan strategically for such a transition.

The Business Boost 2013 Seminar on January 19, 2013 at the Bagatelle Great House will use education about strategic planning to teach entrepreneurs how to take their companies to the next level through sound business development, marketing and financial practices.

The current economic climate creates the need for Barbadian companies to have a regional focus for reasons such as increased financial viability, wider target markets and greater sustainability.

Kathy-Ann Fletcher, of Serene Solutions, a Marketing Management company, believes that the business fraternity in Barbados has the potential to be a regional force through sound practices and hopes that the seminar will inspire participants to think about ways to scale their companies for regional or even international commerce.

“Barbadian businesses often have quality products or services, but often times either do not think of how their companies can transition to regional commerce or are overwhelmed by the prospect of planning and executing such a project,” Fletcher said. “The seminar aims to help entrepreneurs be able to plan for such an opportunity.”

Lead Consultant and Trainer of Expressions Management Consultancy, Chamara Hollingsworth, hopes to help people overcome the fear that might hinder them by equipping them with the strategic tools to fulfil their dreams.

Hollingsworth said: “One of the greatest barriers that entrepreneurs, business owners and even individuals of today are faced with is the fear of not being able to fulfil their dreams. The main aim of the Business Boost 2013 Seminar is to supply our participants with the tools, strategies and action plans to put them on their desired path.”

Director of Astrape Finance, Melinda Belle, explained that the lack of sound financial records often hinder local business from sustaining their operations and hopes that the seminar will be a catalyst that changes this practice.

“The recipe for any business’ financial success is the implementation of structured financial system,” she added. “Every business owner needs to develop a financial strategy, implement it and review their financial performance on an ongoing basis. In addition to having a strategy, one must be able to account for every dollar you make.”

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  1. Andrina January 12, 2013 at 5:11 pm

    This is a very positive article in the way forward for business and entrepreneurs and I hope that more is done in the near future to help entrepreneurs realize their dreams by making the first step in becoming successful. These three companies that are promoting such endeavors, should be granted coverage both written and televised so as to aid their promotion of helping young persons and persons in general to achieve success and more importantly funds to support their families in these very hard economics times.


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