Mayhem’s music for animal welfare

Jenny Mayhem

Barbadian singer-songwriter Jenny Mayhem is donating all sales of her newest single Shifter to the Barbados RSPCA this month.

Until January 30, Jenny will direct all purchases on the digital distributor Bandcamp to this animal welfare cause. Music fans can spend $2 or more for the track, which the popular radio site Earbits describes as “dream pop”.

“The song’s lyrics are inspired by animals and transformation — it fits the cause!” says Mayhem.

She sings about being a “shape shifter” and supernatural transformation.

Mayhem also describes her direct relationship with the Barbados RSPCA, located on the Spring Garden Highway, St. Michael.

“After returning many times to adopt and care for the family pets, and seeing how resourceful and dedicated staff and vets are, I know any help will go to very good use.”

Mayhem held a benefit concert for the association several years ago with guitarist Nicholas Ward. She hopes to exceed those proceeds with this month’s fund-raising effort.

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  1. Jenny Mayhem January 11, 2013 at 10:45 am

    Thanks so much for posting! The fundraiser is going well so far!!

    For anyone interested in contributing, the song is available at


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