LIME ‘disappointed’

ACROSS THE TABLE: LIME’s Alex McDonald faces Sir Roy Trotman during talks yesterday.

Telecoms giant, LIME said it is “disappointed that the Barbados Workers’ Union would escalate to a national work stoppage to press for a bigger separation package to replace an already enhanced and generous redundancy pay-out for displaced colleagues”.

In a statement issued this evening at about the same time the union was meeting with its various divisions to determine when it would impose its threatened shut down of the country, LIME outlined the severance package, which it said included:

* One month’s salary for each completed year, including benefits and commissions;

* Three months’ salary in lieu of notice;

* One month’s salary as a training grant;

* An ex gratia payment of $3,000 (for payment during this redundancy phase); and

* Outplacement services to all severed employees.

The statement added: “Employees leaving the business in this phase have on average 100 per cent better settlement than statutory requirements which are followed by most companies in Barbados.

“LIME believes that the threat of industrial action sends the wrong message to the country in this time of deep economic recession when private sector companies across the island have been forced to engage a range of measures to stems growing losses and restructure their businesses.

“Some of the 97 employees made redundant by the company have already been re-engaged with the new managed service providers and are working to provide services to LIME.

LIME values its longstanding relationship with the BWU and would welcome any opportunity to re-establish an atmosphere of collaboration and accord as we continue to build our business for the future.” (RRM)

2 Responses to LIME ‘disappointed’

  1. Imani January 10, 2013 at 11:44 pm

    I am very disappointed at the half-truths that this company continues to feed the public.

    Some of the 97 displaced workers have been re-angaged with the new managed service providers *** Some meaning two (2 out of 97). Seriously Alex!!!???

    What is more, is that these employees are the lowest paid of all of the employees of cable and wireless, with the majority of them working for way under 10 years.

    How can you say that your customers are important to you, when you have subjected them to change after change after change that they constantly have to get used to? Case in point, the contact centre was closed in Barbados only for frustrated customer to lodge complaint after complaint and to furthermore have to leave their home to visit retail stores to have issues dealt with. Issues that should have been resolved in the contact centre.
    Furthermore, how can logically thinking individuals take a set of young barbadians and place them in a capacity to service the needs of your customers and offer them NO training, no access (nor simple know-how) to the necessary IT systems? That is not fair to those new employees, neither is it fair to the customers.

    Would it not have been more logical to have these new partners approach some of the existing staff to work? Why does a customer now have to wait days to have a request actioned, when these types of requests were previously done at the same time?

    How can you, on December 31, 2012, agree to continue talks at a meeting scheduled for January 07, 2013, but sever employees with immediate effect on January 02? Where is the respect for your employees, the union and the minister?

    These are all questions we need to ask so we have a clearer view of this whole dispute.

  2. BajanHut January 11, 2013 at 8:34 am

    It is clear what is missing in the union corner … better PR.

    When LIME, of all the companies in Barbados is getting backed by general public, something has seriously gone wrong.


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