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Politics should not be about dependency, it should be about building leadership and leaders, says Dr. Maria Agard.

“It should be about people who have confidence to execute ideas and bring them to fruition,” added the Barbados Labour Party candidate for Christ Church West, who spoke to Barbados TODAY this afternoon.

Out in the field from “late September early October” 2010, she said that she and her team “haven’t stopped canvassing, adding the response “has been extremely good”.

She also said that the parliamentary representative Dr. William Duguid was very supportive and still very much involved.

“Christ Church West is a fairly diverse community but it’s a diverse constituency with various communities and I believe our constituency spanned the entire socio-economic spectrum. We have working class communities and then we have middle class communities so obviously you would get a diversity of concerns when you go through the constituency.

“In the working class districts the primary concerns there would be the high level of unemployment for both the young women and young men. A need for housing for those who might be more fortunate but who would like to improve themselves; they want to move out of overcrowded circumstances and they would like to have the opportunity to strike out on their own.

“Another concern is for sanitation, areas in need of debushing and the removal of derelict properties. There seems to be a number of abandoned properties in Christ Church West so that has to be a project of renewal where you go through each district, red flag all of the derelict properties and you either renovate them or eliminate them all together,” Agard said.

Security and the levels of crime are the main concerns among the middle class communities, the candidate pointed out and noted that “it may not be a major crime but a nuisance crime”.

“Peeping Toms, people who are always in their yard at night and even though the break-ins are not excessive, if someone trespasses upon your property he/she is still violating your right. So these people feel very insecure,” she added.

She and her team have devised a multi-pronged approach to deal with the key areas of concern.

Some of the achievements to date include the branch executive rebuilding the roof of the Arthur Smith Primary School’s walkway last year, working with the Drainage Division to alleviate some of the flooding in September Square in St. Matthias, sponsoring sports teams inclusive of cricket, netball, basketball, and organising a road tennis tournament, which is held on Independence Day.

At Christmas, there was an “expanded” hamper project given the need for “assistance and intervention” in the constituency, which was greater in some areas. (DS)

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