DLP has no plans of buying the election

The Democratic Labour Party will do all it can to win the government, including all of the Christ Church seats, but that will not include attempting to buy the election.

“Somehow there are persons who believe that they must be persuaded by resources that they themselves have not worked for and this party has not gotten involved and long may it stay as it is, not getting involved in taking out resources … and giving them (Barbadians) to go and vote,”

Christ Church East Central Ronald Jones said last night.

“But out of their own motivation and out of their own care, out of their own love for this country that they will go and vote and therefore all of the people across Barbados should go and vote.”

He was addressing DLP members at the opening of Christ Church West candidate Senator Verla De Peiza’s constituency office at Forde’s Road.

The Minister of Education said he saw a need to increase voter turnout in that constituency and others, “particularly when you look at the travails, the struggles and the pain that those who came before us had to undergo to get us here”.

“That legacy should not be disturbed, that legacy should not be demolished, that legacy mashed up. We should be opening the doors of every polling station to vote from the time we turn 18 years old,” he said.

“Christ Church is a parish and we want the Democratic Labour Party to represent the parish of Christ Church from the east to the west… We are going to embrace the citizens of this parish, … but we face some dangers. Some of those dangers are in persons who really don’t care, people who don’t care if tomorrow comes or yesterday departs, who have no interest in their own well being.

“So we have to say to them ‘You have to demonstrate care and regard in yourself and it’s just not a simple reliance on others for your life and for your sustenance’.” (SC)

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