Childish behaviour

Ever since the Alexandra situation has been made public I have been reading articles from people who seem to have a muddy or lopsided vision of how the situation came about or what methods should be employed to solve it.

Alexandra is one of our older secondary schools located in St. Peter. Some members of the teachers union are making a mockery of the children, neglecting their own classes since they themselves are school teachers and are grandstanding like publicity hounds looking for fleeting moments of fame.

According to the teachers who are at the centre of this controversy at Alexandra, they were working with poor leadership from the head of school. †They have recourse if this was the case. According to the principal, he was working with teachers who were insubordinate and some withholding their services. He also had a recourse. †

Nothing seemed to work for either group. The Prime Minister appointed a commission to sort out the problem at more than half million dollars cost to the people of Barbados. The recommendations of the commission were not followed to the satisfaction of both parties and the resulting transfers across the board have angered the union and the teachers have formed reasons why they cannot abide by the ruling. †

When teachers are trained, they are trained as elementary school teachers or secondary school teachers. Some are trained as math, science, art, or other course study teachers according to their inclination. A math teacher at Harrison’s College should be adept at teaching math at St. Michael’s, Combermere or St. †Leonard’s. The only difference may be the text books used.

To say that a teacher of woodwork or mechanics at Princess Margaret is ill equipped to teach it at Coleride and Parry is a stretch. †

All the antics displayed by the teachers from Alexandra, who through their actions are behaving like children, should incur our pity and our scorn.†A teacher is a dedicated individual who has subject matter to impart to his/her students as well as morality, honesty and good character. This applies to every teacher, no matter where they are asked to teach and no matter where they have been transferred.

Stagnation, by entrenching yourself at one particular school for a great number of years, regurgitating tired curricula and outdated teaching methods will therefore be avoided. The teachers at the heart of the Alexandra controversy need to apologise to the students, their parents/guardians and the Barbadian taxpayers who are the true losers in this situation.

— Barbara Greaves

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