Tragedy follows Belizean family

BELMOPAN — It seems that tragedy simply cannot leave the Felix family alone. The family lost two sons to gun violence, the mother then died from heart-related complications, and now, there is going to be a funeral for the family’s only daughter.

Feesha Felix, 22, of Gill Street, went to bed Friday night, January 5. She never woke up, however, because she was shot dead in her bed Saturday morning at about 2:30.

Police say that gunmen went into the family yard and opened fire at the house. Among the hail of bullets that hit the house and went through the wooden walls, one struck Felix in the head, killing her almost instantly.

During the gunfire, her brother, who was also in the house at the time, tried to make his sister take cover on the floor, but she was not responding. When the gunfire stopped, he found that she had been shot in the forehead. She was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH), where she was declared dead on arrival at about 3:50 a.m.

Police who responded to the scene said that (10) 9mm expended shells were recovered on the street in front of the house. Two slugs were retrieved from inside the house.

A neighbour said that he was awakened by the gunfire, and counted about 12 gunshots, and shortly after he heard a car speed away into Fabers Road, turning left into Central American Boulevard. The vehicle then sped towards the Deep Water Port.

He went to the Felix residence to see what had happened, and noted that the shooter appeared to be familiar with the yard, because the shots were fired into the house through a peep hole on the fence from outside of the gate.

Police said that Feesha Felix was an innocent victim, and had neither engaged in violence nor been involved in any gang activity, and they do not believe that she was the target of the attack. They believe that the attack was retaliation after an altercation that occurred earlier that night involving her brothers and other friends. Police have since detained one man who they believe can assist them in their investigations.

Feesha Felix was the only daughter of Therese Felix, the woman who single-handedly started the organisation called Mothers Against Violence, a group that was formed to promote peace and harmony, and to try to stop young men from killing each other in Belize City’s Southside.

Therese Felix, however, died in late 2008, and to date, the peace she fought for has not been realised. (Amandala)

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