St. John revellers ready for the road

On Errol Barrow Day, the streets in St. John will be filled with several revellers chipping to the sweet sounds of Crop-Over and Carnival music.

Launched on Sunday, the street party, titled Don’t Panic, will feature a single band with a maximum of 1,000 revellers, said Ryan Weeks, one of members of the Nu Vision Family, organisers of the David Thompson Festival.

He told Barbados TODAY that they wanted to have a series of events but that did not pan out.

“We’re starting for the [first time] this year, so we didn’t put out the word to any other groups because we weren’t sure how well it would come off. We had a late start in terms of getting people on board and going to the various organisations we had to go through to get the event started,” he said.

This is the first time Nu Vision Family is organising an event of this kind.

Weekes noted that this event was not to be confused with last year’s carnival which was organised by someone else.

“Initially it was supposed to be a lot more events and would have finished with a carnival but because of time we couldn’t do all of that. We wanted to do something to commemorate David Thompson and Errol Barrow because they are icons who represented St. John. We thought that the festival would have been a good idea and it would bring the people of St. John together.

“[Activities] in St. John are kind of low-keyed and you don’t really get people coming out to events so our plan was to basically uplift [the parish] and get people coming out and socialising. That’s really the idea behind the festival,” he said.

The route will take the revellers through Clifton Hall, Edge Cliff, Venture, Wakefield, Four Roads, Pool, Small Town and back to Gall Hill.

The package includes shirts for both men and women, food and drinks at a cost of $75. However, the group will be running a promotion in which the first 100 women will get their package at a reduced cost.

There will be fetes leading up to the January 21 carnival, which is expected to get started at 8:30 a.m.

More information can be obtained through Nu Vision Family’s Facebook page. (DS)

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