Onkphra the artisan

Onkphra Wells, the man behind the works.

Onkphra Wells has been creating works of art for many years and, just like good wine, his craft seems to get richer with age.

With a craft shop, Bajan Art Form, located at the Pelican Craft Village on Princess Alice Highway in the City, some of these intricately designed pieces can be found for locals and visitors alike to both admire and purchase.

Follow the beats of the African drums or the rhythms of reggae and on most days he can be found in his shop conceptualising his next masterpiece.

Be it the complex†Man In Motion piece made from stone, or the detailed wood carvings of Mother and Child, Higher Heights, Bongo Man, Village Life and Tribute To The Reef, jewellery, masks, gouged paintings . . .† each made with the same effort, precision and care, some may say, only a man of such talent could devote to his work. (KC)

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