New year change

I have always heard the saying “the more things change the more they remain the same”. This is so true. It seems as though many things that we thought would have been left in 2012 have crept into 2013.

It is amazing to me that this Alexandra impasse is taking so long to be resolved. Taxpayers’ money was wasted and still there is no resolution. I won’t put my two cents worth as many have done that already; but all I ask is that a speedy solution is found to this issue because the only ones who will be affected by this will inevitably be the children.

Coming to work today I heard over the news, the Minister of Health speaking in Parliament about illegal dumpers who have become a major headache to his Ministry. What I will never understand is why would anyone leave their place of abode and go and dump waste in our gullies or even on the side of road.

I honestly think the reason why this hasn’t stopped is that these persons are not being made of an example of by being brought to the law courts where stiff penalties are imposed. Another reason could be that there has never been an outbreak of cholera or any other water borne diseases from the waste that is dumped.

Another issue that needs to be addressed in 2013 is the fact that we have persons who are employed but have no National Insurance or Income Tax deductions being taken from their pay. I can understand if persons are self employed since they would be required to pay their own National Insurance, but if they are being employed by someone it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that the appropriate deductions and made and paid.

In 2013 I do hope that our roads become more drivable as many of them have massive potholes and are causing damage to many vehicles. We need to take time and fix these roads and stop with the patching of potholes because as soon as the rain falls the patches open back up.

I also hope that persons drive with more caution and care this year as well. We have had too many road fatalities that could have been avoided if only persons were more cautious. We always have to remember we are driving for the person in front and behind us.

We have become a people who, to me, have lost something important. We are not as friendly as we used to be. I can always remember my grandmother saying never pass an adult without saying good morning, but now that has become a thing of the past. Some of us live in neighborhoods where we don’t even know the name of our neighbours. Times are becoming harder and harder and we will soon need as much support as we cam get to assist us through these trying times.

Until we come together as a people we will always be separated in the way we live and the way we think. Team work means dream work. Have a wonderful week ahead!!!

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