Losing their heads over beheading

Indian soldiers carry the body of a colleague.

DELHI — India says one of two soldiers killed in an alleged cross-border attack by Pakistan troops in the disputed territory of Kashmir was beheaded.

Pakistan has rejected accusations that it killed any Indian soldiers or fired across the Line of Control which divides Kashmir.

India called the attack “barbaric” and summoned Pakistan’s top envoy in Delhi over the incident.

Claimed by both countries, Kashmir has been a flashpoint for over 60 years.

A statement from the Indian foreign ministry said the soldiers’ bodies had been subjected to “barbaric and inhuman mutilation” which was “in contravention of all norms of international conduct”.

India’s chief military spokesman told the BBC one of the soldiers had been beheaded by the Pakistani army.

Troops searched the area afterwards but could not find the head, the spokesman said. India believes the Pakistanis took the head with them when they retreated.

The spokesman confirmed the body of the other soldier had been mutilated but would not give any further details.

The Pakistani foreign ministry says India’s allegations are “baseless” and it is willing to have a UN investigation.

A Pakistani military official said Pakistan had verified the facts on the ground and found “nothing of the sort” had happened.

He denounced the Indian claim as “propaganda” to divert attention away from a clash on the LoC two days earlier. (BBC)

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