Honours conferred

New Knights: Sir Marston Gibson (second right) and Sir Frank Alleyne (right) after being knighted by Sir Elliott Belgrave (second left). Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is at left.

Barbados’ two newest knights were officially conferred with their honours today in a stately ceremony at Government House.

With a touch of the ceremonial sword, Chief Justice Sir Marston Gibson and long-time educator Sir Frank Alleyne rose from their knees with new honours as Knights of St. Andrew.

A hush fell over the guests as the honours were given, such was the solemnity of the occasion. But the two knights were not the only honours of the day — additionally, four Gold Crowns of Merit, four Silver Crowns of Merit, five Barbados Service Stars, five Barbados Service Medals and one posthumous Barbados Bravery Medal, were also awarded today.

Long-serving public servant, Permanent Secretary Lionel Weekes, led the awards for Gold Crown of Merit, which were also conferred on lawyer Patterson Cheltenham, Q.C., Professor Timothy Roach for his contribution to medicine and HIV/AIDS, and Ian Archer for his contribution to the civil service and the Barbados Association of Retired Persons.

Each of the recipients seemed overwhelmed and especially pleased as the awards were presented by Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave, as too appeared to be the recipients of the Silver Crowns of Merit.

Sir Marston Gibson gets his honour from Governor General Sir Elliott Belgrave.

Those awards went to Bernell Arrindel for meritorious service and contribution to the financial services; Janice Brathwaite-Thompson, for “meritorious contribution to education and the performing arts”; Dr. Victor Gooding, for contribution to research in the area of data transmission via satellite; and, Muhammad Nassar, for his contribution to business and community service.

The recipients of the Service Star included public servant Marva Alleyne for contribution especially to social care; music teacher, Norma Bowen for contribution to cultural development; President of the National Organisation of Women, Marilyn Rice-Bowen, for her community service and work with the Young Women’s Christian Association Breakfast Programme; as well as nurse Paulette Drakes, for her service to that profession.

The other beneficiary was Reverend Dr. Scoffield Eugene Eversley, for his service to the growth and development of the Church of the Nazarene.

Service Medals were presented to entertainer John King, Justice of the Peace, Demora Kirton, nurse Stephanie Bryan, entrepreneur Ronald Gittens, J.P. and educator and community practitioner Glennis Nurse.

The late Lynette Stoute, who died after receiving burns when she rushed into her burning house to save her children, was the lone person conferred with the medal of bravery.

A number of officers in the police, fire, and prison services also were awarded medals for Independence 2012. (LB)

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