Focussed on social issues

Outgoing MP Rawle Eastmond (second left) with Hinkson (right) and constituents.

The Barbados Labour Party’s St. James North candidate, Edmund Hinkson, has designed a series of initiatives aimed at lifting the social profile of residents of the constituency.

The programme, Hinkson said, is intended to touch everyone, with special emphasis on youth who need a second chance at improving their education as well as persons who suffer from physical and mental challenges.

The attorney-at-law and father of two, in giving Barbados TODAY a detailed run-down on what he hoped to achieve as Member of Parliament for the area once general elections are called shortly, said the vision was designed to:

* Create a literacy programme targeted at the youth in the constituency.

* Implement a constituency-wide training programme focused on job creation.

* Provide loans and business planning assistance to young entrepreneurs looking to start creating businesses.

* Address the challenges relating to zone one regulations in a large part of the constituency.

* Solve the problem of inadequate sports facilities along the coastal areas of the constituency.

* Create a programme focused on the reduction of youth illiteracy throughout the constituency.

* Implement a constituency-wide training and development programme that facilitates employment and entrepreneurial opportunities.

* Improve the quality of life for persons with disabilities by providing them with greater educational, training and employment opportunities

* Facilitate the creation of a programme to keep senior citizens mentally alert and occupied.

* Resolve the zone one water issue affecting some parts of the constituency.

* Alleviate the adverse effects of flooding in various parts of the constituency.

* Establish another sports facility to accommodate constituents on the coast.

* Improve roads in Rock Dundo, Upper Mount Stanfast, Ashton Hall, Bairds Road, etc.

* Improve bus services to Greenwich Village, Ashton Hall, The Whim, etc.

* Establish some children’s recreational facilities in Doughlins Road, etc.

* Implement house repairs, particularly for the elderly and the disabled, facilitated by Government agencies and the private sector.

* Acquire land at Lancaster for Housing.

Referring to the “good record” of his party in the constituency and his own work over the years, the member of Lions Club of Bridgetown for the past 24 years noted that the Bees had:

* Constructed the Weston Fishing Complex;

* Relocated some Weston residents to Upper Bakers in response to flooding;

* Completed an affordable housing project in Bakers Development;

* Improved roads in Sion Hill.

* Constructed a new St. Alban’s Primary School.

* Installed lights on the Sion Hill Playing field;

Hinkson has served as a member of the Council of St. John’s Ambulance Association, the Association of the Blind and Deaf and of the Council for the Disabled. He has been a sub-committee chairman of the Small Business Association and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

A member of the Lawn Tennis Association and the Paragon Tennis Club, he has sponsored cricket, football and netball tournaments, provided prizes at school speech days, assisted churches with outreach and mentorship programmes, provided food vouchers to needy persons and helped in finding solutions to constituency issues relating to land.

In government, he served as chairman of the National Conservation Commission and the Severance Payments Tribunal, deputy chairman of the National Housing Corporation, the National Advisory Committee on Disabilities and the Building Advisory Committee as well as a director of the National Cultural Foundation, a Member of Consumer Claims Tribunal, Income Tax Appeal Board and the Harrison College Board of Management. (RRM)

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