Transfers not assessed

I refer to your story headlines Clean sweep, on the Alexandra School affair. Transfers are not bad. However, when schools follow different syllabuses then there is a problem.

It is evident that the officials at the Ministry of Education, most of whom were once teachers, did not assess these transfers seriously. Yes, teachers are paid to teach the nation’s children, however, there ought to be discussion so as to ensure that children are not disenfranchised.

Take for instance the Princess Margaret Secondary School situation with the students who pursue the autos syllabus. What will become of them when the teacher who is being sent there is not qualified in this area? Must they just be left to fail with CXC and international exams four to five months away?

Barbados’ education system is really going downhill and with so many principals and board members disinterested in children’s education and proving it by ensuring that their family and friends are employed in the once noble profession we are on the road to illiteracy. How sad for us. Wake up Services Commission and have a serious look at who is employed.

— Jaycinth Bourne

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