Senator Verla Depeiza is ready

Senator Verla Depeiza is ready to serve the people of Christ Church West.

In an interview with Barbados TODAY, she said that her bid for the suburban seat has been going “pretty good”.

“The response has been very, very great. Of course, people have representative concerns; representation is clearly the issue in Christ Church West. I have, I can’t call it an advantage because I am obviously playing from behind, but there’s name recognition so I don’t start from scratch. I’ve not had a bad response as yet,” she said.

Tomorrow night, she officially opens her constituency office in Forde’s Road and Prime Minister Freundel Stuart is scheduled to give an address.

Depeiza noted that the constituency was not immune from the economic recession and residents were feeling the pinch as was the rest of the country and the world.

“It is hard not to be affected by what is going on. The whole world is touched. There are perennial pockets of need. You can give people things and that addresses the need for that time but it doesn’t do anything about the reason. That type of intervention has not been present certainly in recent times,” the attorney-at-law stated.

Apart from devising a strategy to help constituents in this regard, she will be looking to assist the young people with their job hunt and she plans to use her office as a resource centre with information, application for jobs in a number of areas and computers so they can do their own research.

“Getting work is more of a struggle, because we’re simply in that kind of economic environment right now, but the information I have at the office is to open their minds to entrepreneurial possibilities, not just working for somebody else,” she said.

Depeiza started canvassing in August last year and she has hosted events including a Christmas party for constituents, and a hamper drive which she noted was continuing to help fill those pockets of need.

Sports is another area she will tap into after noticing a void, she said. The lawyer explained that organised sports had been limited to a particular club and she and her team would be “getting sports going”, given its importance to bringing the community together. (DS)

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