One ambulance serving Tobago, politician says

PORT OF SPAIN — The Tobago Organisation of the People rolled into Roxborough on Thursday night with their political leader Ashworth Jack in a fiery mood. He condemned the PNM leader of the Tobago House of Assembly Orville London for neglecting the state of health care of the island for the past 12 years.

Jack informed the crowd of over 2,000 yellow-clad supporters, that currently Tobago only has one ambulance to service the entire island.

“Are you aware, that in Tobago today, there is one working ambulance in the whole of Tobago,” Jack said.

He advised the people of Tobago that “you better get sick in turns, because no two people can get sick here at the same time”.

Jack explained that the London inherited the Emergency Medicial Services, which was first set-up in Tobago over 12 years ago.

“They have whittled it down to a state of nothingness where only one ambulance working, and them boys telling you they want four more years,” Jack said.

He went on to ask how the PNM could be running a campaign claiming that they are standing in defence of Tobago, with only one working ambulance.

“I am glad that it is the PNM who said in defence of Tobago, because it is an indictment against the PNM, with this issue and all the others, it tells you that you must defend Tobago from the PNM and not for them.” Jack said. (Guardian)

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