No problem!


It was a good day for thousands of students who returned to the classroom today after the three-week Christmas vacation.

Principals and teachers at schools contacted by Barbados TODAY reported there were no hiccups on the first day.

After the three-week break, these youngsters were studious.

At Coleridge and Parry School, students settled quickly allowing teachers to get down to work.

Principal Vincent Fergusson told Barbados TODAY there were no problems at the school and although this is the “sports term” there would still be a serious focus on academics.

“We will also focus on deportment, punctuality and we’re trying to get some more speed in the children – we have decided to put some fire under them to get them to get up and go,” he said.

Another principal said the day was fun and she and some of her young charges picked fruit.

A teacher at a northern school said she chatted with her students and reviewed last term, tomorrow is when she will get down to work.

Trade union sources said they did not receive any negative reports about anything from their members and there were no calls from the teachers who were transferred to or from Alexandra School.

Classes at the Alexandra School start tomorrow at 8:30 a.m. (DS)

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