Looking forward to 2013

New Year Message from Dr. Nigel L. Taylor Chief Commissioner, BBSA

It is my joy to wish at the commencement of the new year to all those persons who are involved in Scouting, whether as a uniformed member, a volunteer adult in Scouting or a “Friend of Scouting” across the island a very happy, fruitful and peaceful New Year.

I would ask that our focus, aspirations, even our thoughts and energies be on the greater accomplishments of the past year instead of beating ourselves on those “things” which we had hope to accomplish in our Centenary Year but for which the challenges, financial and otherwise prevented us from fulfilling.

As long as life exists there will be the opportunities to explore those areas where additional time would have been needed in order to bring the projects to fruition.

This new year will present some new horizons and new dreams for us in the Barbados Boy Scouts Association, where acting as a singular well oiled machine, the many achievements at all levels of the Association will continue to showcase the rich and diverse talents of our Leaders and Scouts. We will seek to garner fresh energy to add to our rich heritage and create new opportunities as we embark on successful journeys on the Scouting Trail.

Without any apology, we are proud of our successes and the positive influences within the lives of the male population over the years. The good deeds we have done, the legacy we have nurtured in our care, our national involvement in a growing Worldwide Movement, and the many individual achievements and events will be remembered around campfires for years to come.

I would like to thank all those companies that continue to support the Barbados Boy Scouts Association and wish them continued success in your business. To the many others, I would encourage a partnership with us and make available to us some of your expertise as we work in common areas of development.

Very early in the year, the Cub Scouts will be working on a new Energy Badge, the product of a partnership with the Division of Energy and Telecommunications in the Prime Minister’s Office. It is hoped that this initiative will create energy champions within the areas where these youngsters serve.

As we commence this new year we also remember the Scouts and Scouters who have joined that eternal Scout Troop away from the pressures and pains of this world. To them we say Good Hunting, your memories and legacies will live in our hearts and minds.

Again Warm Scouting wishes to each and every person for 2013.

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