Airport officers just rude

In response to your story Job well done in which the Minister George Hutson congratulates some immigration and customs officers I would only say: Now they just have to tackle the ones at the airport.

I recently travelled to Barbados and the immigration people were so rude I wanted to get straight back on the plane. They all need training and educating about the importance of tourists to Barbados’ tiny economy. No tourists — no money!

And on the dispute between LIME and the Barbados Workers Union, let me state: Lime is right to get out of the retail business, their customer service is the worst I’ve ever experienced anywhere in the world. In fact, I think most Bajans are incapable of any decent customer service as they think it is beneath them.

On another note, Sir Roy Trotman is out of touch with the modern trade union/workers rights movement and should go as soon as possible.

— Lucia Jones

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  1. Winston Ince MBE May 9, 2013 at 3:55 pm

    I am a Barbadian who travel to and from Barbados regularly .
    It is not only at the airport you find I’ll mannered, hostile civil servants .
    It pervades the whole of the Barbados society , but it was not always like this .
    We used to be a friendly and welcoming people but for some reason we have become very arrogant.



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