Absolut-ly unique promotion

Absolut Vodka has announced the release of a first-of-its-kind worldwide launch — Absolut Unique.

The acclaimed vodka brand introduced the worldwide campaign, including Barbados, that has created a limited edition of nearly four million uniquely designed and individually numbered bottles, each displaying distinctive artwork.

To execute this never-before-seen effort, Absolut had to re-engineer its entire production line, requiring a complex interaction of human and mechanical elements.

Absolut Brand Manager with Mount Gay Distilleries Limited, Carla Jackson, said the allure of this special product was further enhanced by the company’s “one source” commitment which ensures that every drop of Absolut is drawn from one location.

“At Mount Gay Distilleries we are really pleased and excited to be a part of this Absolut Unique experience for 2012. Absolut is an exceptional brand and it is therefore no surprise that this premium product would go to such great lengths to honour the uniqueness of its customers all over the world.”

Marketing Vice President, Pernod Ricard, Americas Travel Retail, Erwin Maldonado added: “Many world-class creators and artists have portrayed their interpretations of our iconic bottle. But, this time, Absolut was the artist. Our customers are all unique, and we wanted to take a limited edition concept to a new extreme, and provide them each a one-and-only bottle as individual as they are.”

With close to four million bottles created, Absolut Unique has been produced for distribution in more than 80 markets worldwide.

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