Abrahams has plan for the youth

BLP candidate Wilfred Abrahams interacts with Christ Church youth.

Sports and the youth are two of the areas that will be high on Wilfred Abrahams’ agenda.

The Barbados Labour Party candidate for Christ Church East, who will be facing the electorate for the first time when General Election are called later this year, said that he has “a special interest” in these two areas and believes that “avenues of advancement” and “an environment where it is safe for our children to grow up, play and just be children” also needed to be created.

“In the community of Parish Land in particular we need a lot more community based activities, not just for the children but for our young people. This pavilion needs to be employed into full and innovative use.

Hive of activity

“This area should be the hub of Parish Land activities with programmes aimed at fostering community and also individual development. There is no good reason why this structure in addition to being a pavilion cannot also house a community resource centre. The facility is here it is just not being used properly. We need to think outside the box and try to make the best use of the resources we have. It is not that difficult,” he said.

Abrahams, an attorney at law, added that he and constituents had come up with a plan for the area.

“I have been listening to the concerns of the residents and we have discussed plans to revitalise Parish Land. It may not be as difficult as people think. What is required is a sustained and sustainable approach and commitment on the part of the residents and their representative and it can be done. Together we will get it done,” the BLP candidate said. (DS)

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