Sol adds Speightstown to list

Sol Speightstown is now flying the silver, blue and orange of the region’s leading Oil Company.

The silver, blue and orange colours of Sol are now flying proudly at yet another local service station.

The leading oil company this month added Sol Speightstown to the stations that now reflect its prominent brand, the others being Sol Redman’s and Sol Wildey.

Following the official opening of the newest Sol station on December 4, 2012, Ezra Prescod, Country Manager for SOL (B’dos) Ltd said the company remained as excited about the expansion process, as it was when the first fully branded Sol station at Redman’s Village was opened.

He said every rebranding exercise reflected the pride of a home grown brand while demonstrating Sol’s commitment to providing better solutions and service to the market:

“The SOL brand and fuels were conceptualised here in Barbados with Bajan expertise and innovation. This is something about which we fee justifiably proud and passionate; it is this pride and passion that continues to drive our successful expansion in Barbados, and across the region,” Prescod said.

Sol’s success in Barbados has indeed been a reflection of the company’s regional vision, when, beginning in August 2009 Sol took its first steps towards solidifying its presence across the Caribbean, unveiling its first fully branded Sol station in Haiti before moving on to the markets of Anguilla, St. Kitts, St. Maarten and the British Virgin Islands a year later.

Prescod further stated: “Since 2005, we have been steadfastly committed to the development of Sol as a trusted and dependable brand in Barbados. With each rebranding we have, completely refurbished our stations through a massive upgrade programme.

“This has led to increased visibility and reach of the Sol brand and demonstrated that our goals are reachable and success in our vision is attainable. Our rebranding has been extensive and our finished work is a reflection of our focus on the customer experience and a testament to Barbadian pride and industry.”

The group has also rebranded stations in Suriname and St. Lucia, signalling its commitment as a permanent and prominent fixture in the region’s business, environmental and social landscape.

Since the commencement of the rebranding process in Haiti in 2009 more than 80 stations, marinas and Sol Shops have been opened across the 18 territories in which the group operates.

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