LIME lends helping hand

Families with children who are looked after by the Child Care Board, got a chance to enjoy Christmas in a big way, thanks to LIME.

Rachel Pilgrim of LIME (right) presents the vouchers to Denise Nurse of the Child Care Board.

This is because the island’s premier telecommunications provider handed over a number of food vouchers to the board, which allowed at least 10 families to have a really happy Christmas.

Redeemable at Super Centre Ltd, the vouchers allowed the families to choose the items that they wanted to prepare their Christmas holiday meals.

“For the past few years, LIME has presented hampers to the Child Care Board and this year we again wanted to help out those families who may not be as fortunate as others, especially at this time and we thought it a great idea for them to actually go and choose what they wanted,” stated Rachel Pilgrim, Head of Marketing at LIME as she presented the vouchers to Deputy Director of the Child Care Board Denise Nurse.

Nurse, in thanking LIME for their generous donation, confirmed that there were a number of children who live with families but were still under the care of the board who would benefit from LIME’s contribution.

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