Jaguar finds home in Bim

Two Simpson Motors’ customers taking a closer look at vehicles at the launch of the new Jaguar Land Rover showroom

Simpson Motors has launched its impressive new Jaguar Land Rover showroom at its Warren’s headquarters, while announcing increased sales of these two brands in Barbados and the region.

During the event, Brent Murphy, General Manager of Interamericana Trading Corporation, stated that since the company took over the distribution of JLR in the region last year, sales have increased by over 100 per cent.

“Our sales in the region for 2012, when compared to the same period last year, are up 133 per cent. Barbados has been critical in this journey with an increase of over 100 per cent in sales and this growth is partly due to the new Range Rover Evoque, which has been a huge success not only in our region, but worldwide,” Murphy said.

JLR Area Manager Mexico & Caribbean, Mauro Frateschi, who was here for the launch, lauded the Simpson Motors’ team for a good job representing the JLR brand.

“It is great to see that JLR has a new home in Barbados,” he said. “We are seeing very good numbers both here and throughout the Caribbean, which is impressive.

“We are also seeing this trend worldwide with Land Rover sales increasing in 2012 by approximately 30 per cent globally and by 43 per cent in Latin America; while Jaguar has increased by 29 percent globally.”

Frateschi noted that two exciting new models will be launched in 2013 which will ensure the continuing success of both brands.

“The all-new Range Rover is lighter, faster and more efficient than the previous model, and the new Jaguar F-Type is simply an amazing sports car. We will also be introducing the 2.0 Litre version of the Jaguar XF luxury sedan and I believe it will be a best seller here in the region.”

He added that JLR customers could look out for new and exciting announcements as the company will be investing 5 billion in research and development over the next five years.

“We have a lot more to come in the future. There will be many more new products launched, supported by state-of-the-art technology,” Frateschi added.

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