Byer-Suckoo to meet with LIME CEO

Trade Union veteran Sir Roy Trotman chats with Minister of Labour Esther Byer-Suckoo before he threatened to shut down the country if LIME does not return to the bargaining table.

Minister of Labour Dr Esther Byer-Suckoo has announced her intention to meet shortly with Chief Executive Officer of LIME, Alex McDonald.

Byer-Suckoo made the disclosure this afternoon at the Labour Department after McDonald and his management team failed to attend a previously scheduled meeting with the Barbados Workers Union, under her chairmanship this afternoon.

While not specifying the date of her proposed talks with McDonald, she acknowledged holding separate discussions with the union today.

The minister’s decision to meet with the LIME CEO “shortly”, followed a telephone conversation with him during a break in the talks at the Labour Department with the BWU delegation.

Meanwhile, sources continued to express concern about action taken by some of the severed workers last when they flooded some LIME retail outlets, allegedly purporting to be doing business, severely reducing the opportunities for other customers to interact with staff.

Barbados TODAY understands the terminated employees repeatedly pulled numbers and continuously queued up like “musical chairs” so other customers had to wait to transact any business.

LIME has subcontracted the management of its retail stores to other companies, explaining that it was not getting its best results under its own management.

McDonald also told a news conference last week that the cost of running the outlets under such circumstances was rising, while company profits were declining.

He had also indicated that the survival of the company was under threat, especially with pressure coming from its competitors in the local market. LIME had closed its retail stores for two days last week to facilitate the new management take over. (EJ)††††

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