The real motive

Has anyone in the media investigated the possibility of this shuffle of teachers being a sinister attempt at union-busting?

Are Barbados Secondary Teachers Union members at Alexandra being scattered and Barbados Union of Teachers members being brought in to the Speightstown school?

Is this the real motive this widespread transfer madness? Please, we need real investigative journalists to take up this story!

If this is true, then the implications for the labour union movement are obvious! If this is true, Barbados, our country, is being carried back, insidiously so, to the pre-1930s!

If this is true, no worker in Barbados can afford to ignore this very dangerous move. If this is true, no worker should be misguidedly comforted by the belief “it can’t happen to me”!

While transfers may be within the power of the authorities, surely fairness, reasonableness and sensitivity must be a part of the decision-making process.

I would appreciate it if the story could be investigated from this ominous angle of union-busting!

— Stephen Nicholls

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