Suspicious package causes airport scare

Emergency services at work at the airport.

HAMILTON — A section of LF Wade International Airport is cordoned off after a suspicious package was found yesterday evening.

An airport worker raised concerns about the contents of an envelope just after 5 p.m. today and opened it at the airport police station.

She was taken to the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital.

Acting Assistant Commissioner Martin Weekes told the media the airport has not been evacuated and flights are arriving and departing as normal.

“Just after 5 p.m. today, the Department of Airport Operations here at the LF Wade Airport told police that there was an envelope they had concerns about.

“Emergency services responded and the envelope was taken to the police station.

“We are treating it as a suspicious package at this time until we decide otherwise.”

Weekes said a government analyst will examine the package for the police.

He would not confirm if it contained explosive material but did say the envelope was addressed to Bermuda Airport Operations.

Weekes said the employee was taken to the hospital as a “routine procedure”.

The area has been cordoned off for safety purposes.

Asked where the envelope came from, Weekes said: “At this stage, we are not going to say where it came from.”

He also wouldn’t say how big the envelope was or how much of the substance it contained. (Bermuda Sun)

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