Reputed gangster acquitted

KINGSTON — Christopher Linton, the reputed leader of the Dog Paw Gang, was yesterday acquitted of gun-related charges in the High Court Division of the Gun Court.

Linton, who goes by the alias Dog Paw, was freed on a charge of illegal possession of a firearm and illegal possession of ammunition.

The gun and ammunition were allegedly found in a refrigerator at a house in August Town, St. Andrew, where Linton was held by the police on January 24 last year.

The acquittal, however, does not mean that Linton will be set free, as he’s to face trial in the Home Circuit Court on January 18 for his alleged role in the killing of a family in Bedward Gardens, August Town, in 2010.

Two other men – Yannick Ellis and Donald Allen – are be tried along with Linton in relation to the murders.

Killed in that incident were 49-year-old bus driver Mornest Hylton, 31-year-old Dania Forbes, and six-year-old Jahame McKay. The bodies were burnt beyond recognition.

Before his apprehension, Linton headed the police list of most wanted men. (Observer)

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