Relationships and change

We are witnessing the evolution of relationships, there is a great change taking place on all levels, our views of relationships are changing, the way we do courting and with whom is also evolving.

For many, this can be an exciting, powerful and often painful process to be involved in but the potential is amazing. Romantic relationship is something that I see radically shifting now and in the coming years. I’m seeing this in my own life and in the relationships of people I work with in coaching as well as on a larger scale.

Today we see all sorts of alternative forms of romantic relationship such as polyamory, same sex, non-committed partners or romantic friendships and many more. It isn’t that these types of relationships haven’t been around in the past but today they are becoming more mainstream and people are more likely to see them as alternatives to the heterosexual life-long commitment as well as a form of self expression.

When we’re able to fully develop our potential as individuals and thereby coming into full communion with our inherent power, clarity and fullness we can enter into relationship from a very different place. A place of wholeness where we don’t “need” to be in relationship to be completed or be okay, rather we enter it as a way to expand our consciousness, grow and share who we are.

We can also connect far more intimately with partners because being in a state of wholeness we don’t need anything from them so are free to see them for who they truly are and appreciate it fully. A relationship based on unconditional love as opposed to need and fear. If we end up being with someone for a lifetime as a monogamous partner it is something that is created new in each moment rather than something held onto for security and fear of the unknown.

I believe the key to this type of relationship is a personal spiritual connection whatever that looks like for each of us. A way to tap into the divine within so we can directly experience our natural state which is complete, free and lacking nothing. A natural state which is unconditional love itself.

It is difficult to ever feel unloved when you recognise directly that there is boundless spring of pure love right within you at your heart. It is what you are and you are already always loved beyond any limit of physical relationship. Getting in touch with this spiritual heart centre also includes bringing awareness to and healing to our old wounds, the parts of us that feel in need of something to complete them.

We heal them simply by allowing ourselves to feel their pain openly and without resistance letting go of the old mental stories that inevitably come forth to talk us out of being present with pain.

* Dr. Adrian Daisley is a certified life coach, stress manager and fitness chef.

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