Harrison’s Cave neglected

Government has neglected Harrison’s Cave.

That’s the view of St. George North MP, Gline Clarke, who told the House of Assembly today that plans put in place by the former Barbados Labour Party Government had been shelved.

He was speaking on a more than $800,000 resolution approved by the Lower House for the St. Thomas visitor attraction.

“The Democratic Labour Party can use their majority to pass any bill in here about this resolution, but in the final analysis it has to do with the people of this country,” the former minister of public works said.

“This resolution has its genesis not because we are in 2013, but the Harrison’s Cave was developed by the Barbados Labour Party in the 1980s, and over the years we have seen a lot of work being done, money being spent to develop an attraction.

“And when you look at the history of this cave over the last five years it endured a Democratic Labour Party who did not understand it and who cared very little for the management of this.

“Within the space of five years you changed chairmen twice, there were two chairmen or two chairmen of this board, management changed over time and that is one of the reason why it has not lived up to the expectations over the last five years,” he added.

Clarke said there was also “a deterioration in the visitor attraction at the cave “when compared to 2007”.

“We saw that a number of things that were put in the pipeline by 2007 not materialised by the present Democratic Labour Party and we saw complaints after complaints by board members, complaints after complaints by management of the cave, complaints after complaints by staff and it went on,” he noted.

Clarke also said St. Thomas, especially residents of Allen View where the cave is located, had not received the best treatment from Government.

He added while DLP members would get up in the Lower House “and cry”, Barbadians generally “will certainly have the last say of what we have to endure during this year”. (SC)

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